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House On Fire

What would you do if you saw a house on fire?  Would you attempt to rescue the people inside?  What if your house was on fire?  Of course I am not talking about an actual house fire, I am talking … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring!  That’s what is said,  it’s what we sing, but do we truly know cost, do we truly know what it means? Freedom comes at a cost and if we don’t stand for it,  it is sure to … Continue reading

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Rebuking the Lies of the Enemy

Need some encouragement this morning? If you have been having trouble with the enemy lying to you about your past, THIS IS FOR YOU!

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The Greatest Revival – A Call to Action

My dear brothers and sisters, I believe now more then ever, we must hold tight to the core beliefs that we first received on the day of our salvation. With each passing day, the day draws nearer to the time of His return. Look around you, watch the news, see the signs. While we don’t know the day or the hour, we must be prepared. We need revival in this land like never before. Will you stand with me and help start the greatest revival this land has ever seen? Continue reading

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On The Prowl – Why the Enemy Attacks

The enemy is always on the prowl. He seeks to destroy the Christian testimony with his lies, deceit, distractions, arguments, fear and anything else he can get his hands on. He is the author of lies and the master of deception. He will make you think you are not worthy of Gods amazing grace. He will cause you to doubt your own salvation. He will use anything YOU let him use to keep you from growing the way God wants you to grow and to keep you from fully surrendering yourself to God and His authority and His Will. Continue reading

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