About Our Mission

Our Mission

To reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to all who are hurting emotionally, spiritually, and physically without condemning or judging.

To do whatever we can to help provide resources to help all those who are hurting.

To pray everyday for all of those who are hurting and for the opportunity to share the love and hope that lies in Jesus Christ.

Our Goals

1 To reach as many people as we can with the hope of Jesus Christ.

2 To be able to be used to speak the message of hope.

3 to take the message of hope around the US.

4 to take the message of hope around the world.

Our Prayer

Dear Lord,

These are my plans and these are my goals.  I lay them down at the foot of your throne and ask for you to use this broken man and my family to glorify you.  I pray Father, that your Will be done, but I give my life and my family to you Lord to help deliver your message of hope and healing that comes through your Son Jesus Christ!  Amen


3 Responses to About Our Mission

  1. George says:

    I am 57yrs old and have a long walk with Jesus. I was raised in a Christian home and, for most of my growing up years, was involved and attended a traditional Methodist church. During my final school year I was convinced that I was called to the Methodist ministry but, as it turned out, I never took up that calling. Although it is not a regret, I’ve always wondered why, and how life would have been had I followed that course.

    For several years I didn’t attend church until my children were old enough to attend Sunday School. They were enrolled in the local Methodist church and at some point, we started attending again. Within a short time I became involved with the leadership and was actively involved, attending Bible Study and courses and conferences. I arranged social and camping events. Circumstance lead to us relocating and, although we again became involved at the local Methodist church, it was not the same. By this time the children were teenagers and were looking for a little more than was offered at the Methodist. We joined a charismatic Christian Centre and were soon fully involved again.

    We moved a few more times, as a family we have grown spiritually. We have walked closely with Jesus and, although not as involved in church leadership, I attend an active mens group.

    With that very brief summary of my walk with Jesus, here is my question – We spend our lives “learning” to serve God and we get all this knowledge but few of us actually get to serving or doing what it is God has purposed for our lives. We are intimidated by those that tell us how God speaks to them and we don’t hear His voice. My friends talk of their relationship with Jesus and, although I join in, I’m not sure that I have that relationship that they speak of. I’m also doubting that they actually have that relationship.

    In short, although I am happy and lead a very blessed life, achieving and living many of my dreams, I know there is more purpose to my life. I need to understand God’s will for me.

    • Brad Clarke says:

      thank you so much for your comment and transparency. I am going to be very careful how I answer this, as we all should we speaking of Gods voice.

      First I would want to say that the most common thing that I have realized is we often time fail to hear Gods voice because we aren’t trained or tought to.

      Second is that, if you are like me, we get so busy that we fail to hear Him because we aren’t listening for it. (if I am being honest) We often times get out ahead of Him, thinking we are doing the right thing, only to find out we have left Him in the dust. You see, I tend to glance at the map & take off running and doing, while God sets there waiting…. Picture this as a father, have you ever been in the middle of giving your kids a instruction on how to do something, yet because they were so excitedm they took off before you got through the first part of it. Only to have them come back & say, that didn’t work. You say, no because you didn’t listen carefully enough & thought you knew, when the fact is, I had only given you part of the instructions. It has been my experience, that we do the same thing with God. We get part of the instruction & take off, only to find ourselves burned out saying well that didn’t work.

      When we do that, it poses a couple of problems. One, it takes us out of His will & into ours. Second, it causes us to doubt hearing His voice, leaving us confused. We must always compare what He is calling us to do with His Word. He will never ask you to doing anything that contradicts His Word. His is not the author of confusion.

      God speaks to us all, and hear are sone tips I use to hear & make sure I am hearing Him and not the enemy.
      1) seek him in all I do, not just part. His Word promises, that if we seek Him, we will find Him.
      2) pray, ask Him for just a glimpse of affirmation. His is faithful.
      3) compare the calling or what you heard to His Word. Remember, He will never contradict His Word.
      4) proclaim your calling & your victory.
      5) ask other believers to be praying for you.

      I hope this helps George. I will be praying for you. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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