My Biggest Regret

One of the things that I regret most in my life is the time that I have spent as a Christian just sitting around using my Christianity as a Trump Card.  You see, I was saved and I knew it, but my life did not reflect it at all.  I was selfish, hateful, drunken, and many other descriptive words best left unsaid.  I wanted the treasures of the world.  God and His call on my life was the last thing I wanted to focus on, much less follow thru on.

Some where in the process, in the midst of God’s unbelievable Grace and Mercy on me, my world was crashing in around me, again!  I had prayed to God to save my marriage and told Him that I would do anything, if He would only save my marriage.  How quickly we forget our promises to God… I was driving home one day from work and I was so stressed, upset and unsatisfied.  I remember sitting at a red light by my house and I cried out (yes out loud), “God, what do you want from me?” No sooner that I got those words out of my mouth, God answered, “I want you!” I answered back to Him, “What? You have me!  I am a Christian!” Then I heard again, “I want you… all of you!”  Again, I said, “What? What do you mean?”  At this point I am in tears,  mad as fire… “WHAT TO YOU WANT FROM ME?”  I got the same calm answer, “My Child, I want you! All of you!  Nothing less and nothing more!  I know the plans I have for you, plans not to harm you, but plans for you to prosper!  Prosper, in my will for you, not yours!  Will you trust me like you say you do?”  At that moment, sitting at a red light, I fully gave myself to God.  All my dreams, all my desires, all my hopes… everything was now His.

I can tell you that happened a little over 3 1/2 years ago.  And today I write to you with less than I have had in a very long time, but with more joy than I have ever known.  God has showed me the fullness of His Grace and Mercy and the abundance of His unfailing Love.  He has changed my heart (and that is something only He could have done).  He has removed every obstacle that was in my path, keeping me from His Will for my life.  (those obstacles are a entire post by themselves)

I share this post with you, yes you thinking that you still have time, to urge you to stop and access your life.  Stop and reflect on the things you have, the things you want, the things you are striving for… are they worth it?  What value are they adding to your eternal life?  Are you stressed?  Are you weary?  Do you need rest?  There is hope my dear friend and it comes when will fully surrender EVERYTHING to Him!  Let God tell you your path, after all, He designed it for you.  Are you willing to lay it all down and follow Him?  I have come to find God’s way to be much more fulfilling than mine could have ever been.

I want to close with this thought.  Imagine a  world full of believers who were willing to lay it all down and follow Him and give it there all.  Just as Christ gave us His all on the Cross.  What would that world look like?  I urge you my brother or sister, if this is you… give it to Him today!  Don’t wait another moment pass you by!


About Brad Clarke

The Christian journey takes us through many different areas in life. Our Walk with Jesus, is exactly that and is designed to encourage, inspire, and help any and all that read it.
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