September 11th: Then and Now

On this 10th anniversary September 11, I have been reflecting back on that dreadful day and what it meant to me then and what it means to me now.

As most of us, I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the fire.  I remember finding out that a plane had hit the first tower.  At first they thought it was a small plane.  I rushed into work and everyone was gathering around the TV to see what was happening.  Shortly there after, we found out it was a commercial plane that hit the first tower.  We were all in shock, asking how could this happen?  Then as we were watching the TV, the second plane flew into the second tower.  There was not a sound in the room… we all stood there in utter shock and disbelief.  Then we all looked at each other and knew what was happening, we were under attack.

As we continued watching, reports came in about the plane striking the Pentagon.  Then shortly after that, the first tower began to fall.  Disbelief, anger, fear and a lot of other emotions filled my mind.  We watched people running in the streets, covered with dust and ashes. Then the second tower began to fall.  I was completely amazed that this could happen to us.  How, why, who had done this?

As the hours passed that dreadful day, I remember a nation on its knees.  News station after new station reporting 24 hours at a time, asking people to be praying for the families and friends of those lost.  Bumper stickers began to fly off the shelves, showing our nation united as one.  In those days, race and economic status did not separate us.  We were bound together as a family.  In God We Trust and One Nation Under God, never rang louder.  Churches were filled, lives were changed, as a Nation, we were brought to our knees crying out to God.

Flash forward 10 years.  What a decade can do for a nation.  Greed, hatred, and bitterness has crept back in.  The Mayor of New York has banned all references to God and Prayer for the 9/11 ceremonies.  Wow… what 10 years will do. Once a Nation crying out to God, has become a Nation who’s heart has turned cold once again.  Although we received one of the loudest wake up calls in our Nations history, we have once again turned our back to God.  Although God continues to try and get our attention with things like the stock market, the recession, job loss and more, we continue to ignore Him.  Earthquakes in Washington D.C., powerful hurricanes, and devastating tornadoes are all signs, signs we need to wake up.

Who is responsible for our coldness to God and ignoring His warnings?  We all are!  The homes of millions of Christians has been filled with compromise, which in turn, spills into the church, which spills into our lifestyles and so forth.  We have to get back to the basics of life and realize that no matter how powerful we think we are, we are nothing without God.  This Nation was founded on the Biblical principles of God and His Word, yet we as believers refuse to stand up, refuse to speak up and flat out refuse to live for what we say we believe!  Think I am wrong and that these things are not warning signs?  Try reading the Word of God.  In the Old Testament, Book after Book shows God warning His people and their nations to return to God.  He goes as far as sending prophets to them and telling them exactly what is going to happen if they don’t.  You might say that is the Old Testament and has nothing to do with us now.  Really?  Does God change?  NO!  We refuse to think that God will do that again, but here are your warning signs my friends… No were in the Book of Revelation does it mention anything about us as a country.  We better get serious and we better do it quickly!

About a year ago, I wrote in my blog, ARISE!  I again say ARISE!  We as believers, The Body of Christ, must ARISE and start living what we say we believe.  We must take our beliefs to the streets, to our work place, to our schools and ARISE!  Stop the fence riding and choose a side.  Either you are for Him or against Him, which will you be?  There is a world that is lost and a world that is hurting, and it starts in your own neighborhood.  Will you be the Light that we are called to be or will we continue to ignore God and face the ultimate consequences?  It starts with the person in the mirror.

10 years later, I would never have believed this Nation would be where it is today?  It is time to be Shaken.  ARISE oh Body of Christ! Arise!


About Brad Clarke

The Christian journey takes us through many different areas in life. Our Walk with Jesus, is exactly that and is designed to encourage, inspire, and help any and all that read it.
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