Now Hiring: Position “The Body of Christ”

There is one position that is always hiring and looking for workers.  The good news is, you don’t have to have any experience to fill the need.  The “Position” I am referring to is the “Body of Christ”.

I believe that the Lord has laid the following on my heart to share.

The American Church has become very lazy and has turned a cold shoulder to the needs of the world in which we live.  We far to often see a need, know about a need, and yet we sit back and do absolutely nothing to address the need.  We are far more interested in coming to church for the latest gossip or sports talk with our buddies than we are doing what we are ALL called to do.  We worry about how we look going in, hair, dress, nice tie, matching shoes, but how much time do we spend on how we look coming out?

The Church is not a place where we are to come get our ears tickled or sit in our normal church seat and walk out unchanged or unchallenged.  While the Church does act as a hospital for sinners to come, it is far more than that.  The Church is a place where we come to get fed and equipped to “go out”, not to “sit in”.  The Body of Christ has become a big GIANT couch potato.  We love watching the latest program on the screen and hearing the latest news, but when it comes to acting out what we have been taught or what we believe, we leave that to the person sitting next to us… the problem with that is, the person next to us is doing the exact same thing.

It is time that the Body of Christ got off our butts and get started doing what we have been called to do.  Tell me if I am wrong here, but Jesus did not come to die on the cross for my sins, for me to sit and wait for someone who is hurting to come to me.  In fact, if we use Jesus as our benchmark, (which we all should be doing) we see that He always went to them, even if it required Him going to hostel ground.  As it stands now, we have about 15% of the Body doing 100% of the work, while the other 85% sits and watches from the sidelines.  This is not a spectator sport… We are all to play our positions that God has called us to play.

Try this, find yourself a volunteer (a friend).  Tie their hands together behind their back and place a piece of paper on the floor and ask them to pick it up.  Now do this, tie their feet also and duct tape their month.  Then ask them to pick up the paper and sing their ABC’s.  My guess is that with these restrictions, the piece of paper will be untouched.  The same is for the Body of Christ.  You see, by placing these restrictions on the body it forces other parts to try to perform tasks which they were not designed to do.  If we use a biology example, the Head (Christ) sends signals to the rest of the body telling it what to do.  It is up to that part of the body (us) to respond to that signal.  By waiting for someone else to act on something we have been called to do, somethings, in this case people, get left untouched or don’t get the help they so need.

While the Body of Christ has different talents and God given gifts, there are some things that we are all commanded to do… 1) share the love of Christ (gospel) 2) help those in need (our neighbors).  Who is our neighbor exactly?  Our neighbor can be anyone, anywhere!  Let’s be clear here, as there are no accidents when it comes to God letting you know about someone in need.  Your neighbor is anyone who you come in contact with, whether directly or indirectly.  Whenever you hear of someone in need, you should act.  Maybe it is monetary or maybe it is in service, whatever God puts on your heart is what you should do.  What you should not do is sit there.  We are to be the light to this dark world.  For the Bible tells us that they will know us by our love.

In closing, I want to share this one last thing.  If you are like me, you like to complain about this government and how this county has changed.  I want to tell you that it is not our governments fault.  I have had my eyes opened and want to share what the Lord shared with me.  This country is the way it is because we as the Body have allowed it to become this way.  The song by Casting Crowns, says it the best, “It is a slow fade”.  Over the years we have stopped standing for what we say we believe.  We have stopped listening to the Word of God as it speaks, allowing it to go in one ear and out the other.  We have stopped listening to the convictions of the Holy Spirit and giving in to the worldly views and beliefs.  We have stopped shining our light in the dark world, doing our best to conserve energy.  God has given us warning after warning.  And now we are paying the price for our sins.  We must Stand, Arise and speak up for Truth in all we do.  We must stand and speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.  We must give our hardened hearts to the Lord and ask Him to make them new.  We must Cry out the Lord of all Creation and ask for Forgiveness.  The time is now, not tomorrow, not a week from now.  The world is dying and we are commanded to go!  So to the Body of Christ I say, ARISE!

The Body of Christ is Hiring.  Apply Within!


About Brad Clarke

The Christian journey takes us through many different areas in life. Our Walk with Jesus, is exactly that and is designed to encourage, inspire, and help any and all that read it.
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6 Responses to Now Hiring: Position “The Body of Christ”

  1. darcydowning says:

    You are speaking the language of The Bride- one more step and you realize in the midst of dancing with Christ that “you ARE the church.”
    Bless you brother.

  2. tillbedjare says:

    couldn’t agree with you more. With your permission I’m gonna develop this thought in my own blog for the swedish Christian people. God bless!

  3. You are right in that there are a few who are just plain lazy. But there are also many who don’t volunteer because they are unsure how to start. Sometimes the way we can help best, is to help by giving people something simple and easy to do. Bring a pizza, drop of a bag of groceries. You might be amazed at just how many “helpers” you find. God Bless my friend, Theresa Fleming, Director of Moms For America

  4. Sydney says:

    I agree with you completely. God has called me to use my talents and my tragedies to try to help others on a journey of healing. I must admit that I resisted the calling for years because I knew it would be difficult and it would be painful. I knew it meant exposing my deepest pains and faults. But I finally realized that while God calls many, few answer. I realized that it’s not a curse, it’s an honor to have been chosen for this work. So, you’re right. God is hiring and I’ve accepted the job.


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