A World Away: A Brother In Our Hearts

Church Building

I began writing this blog as a meter for my own growth and experiences within my own Christian walk.  I never knew what God had in store or how He would use it to change the lives of two families a world apart.

One must love God with all his heart, all his mind, and all his strength. And one must love his neighbor as he loves himself. These commands are more important than all the animals and sacrifices we offer to God.” ~ Mark 12:33 NCV

I first met Wilson Ngando of Kenya about 9 months ago via facebook, after receiving a friend request.  We began having small general conversations.  I then began feeling a calling from the Lord shortly there after.  At first I thought maybe it was a calling to go over to Africa.  After much prayer, my wife and I knew that was not it, at least for now.  Months went by, and the burden on my heart was still so heavy and I did not know why.  So, I just continued to pray for him and asked God to reveal to me what it was.

Children Eating After First Donation

About two months ago, Wilson began sharing with me the dire need they were facing in the orphanage which he leads.  The worst drought in 60 years has caused a severe famine for the entire East Africa Region.  He began sharing stories with me about how his children there at the orphanage were starving and other stories of infants going to their mothers for milk, but the mother was dead of starvation.  Stories of woman and children walking 6o miles one way to just get food and water to survive.  I knew then part of what we were to do… help!

Children getting food with the next donation

My family is very tight financially.  In fact, like most of us these days, we live paycheck to paycheck.  We depend heavily on my side business just to make ends meet.  But my wife and I knew it was time to act and just do what we could to help in someway, even if it was just a little at a time.  We began sending small amounts over there to Wilson. Yet in my heart I kept hearing, more Brad, more…  I began praying again… not sure what else we could do.  On my way to work one morning the Lord placed it on my heart to call my friend who is the General Manager at a local Christian Radio Station (90.9 KCBI FM).  So I emailed him, I told him what I believed the Lord was wanting me to do and asked him if he would pray about helping me.  His reply… yes!

The Children in Front of their School

So we scheduled a time to do a radio interview and ask for there listening audience to help by making donations.  We did the interview and even had Wilson on there via Skype.  It went perfect.  Everyone was moved and I just knew this was what it was I was called to do for Wilson and the children of the orphanage.  The day before the story was to air, I got a call from my friend.  Do to FCC laws, they were not going to be able to air the story as they originally hoped to.  Since I was an individual, with no 501 c(3) non-profit, they could not ask for donations.  We were all crushed.. I still had that feeling that this was supposed to happen.  So… I began praying, again, asking for wisdom ( as the Lord tells us too).  I prayed for God to bring me a way to make this happen.  I said, Lord, I don’t have a clue what I am doing and we don’t have time to start a non-profit organization, please send me someone to help.  Guess what, a few days later, while venting with a friend, that friend told me that he knew someone who might be able to help me and would have them call me.

The Wilson House Foundation

The next day we talked and before I knew it, I had a meeting set up with a company who does exactly what we needed done.  They act for individuals such as myself, who need non-profit status and allow them to setup foundations to raise money for charities.  Yes, God is good!  That same day, we had a Non-Profit Foundation, and thus The Wilson House Foundation was born.  We are in the works now of trying to re-air the broadcast and provide the miracle that my dear brother Wilson and the orphans of Eldoret, Kenya need.

I tell this story, for several reasons.  However, the most important reason, I believe is this.  You never know what God might do through you or for you by simply saying, “yes Lord, use me”.  What began as simple conversation with a man around the World from me, has turned into one of the most loving friendships I have ever had.  Wilson and the orphans are now considered part of our family.  There is not a day that goes by we don’t talk to them and praise God for them.  By simply saying yes to God, even though I didn’t know what it was for, I have gained not only a friend, but God has allowed us to forever change the lives of children we have never met.  God blesses those who bless others, and in this case, it is my family who has been so richly blessed.

I invite you to come along side us and continue to change lives.  The Wilson House Foundation is just the beginning.  There are many lives to change and many lives to save.  Together, we can make a difference and Together, we can save lives!

To donate to this cause and help save lives, please click here.


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The Christian journey takes us through many different areas in life. Our Walk with Jesus, is exactly that and is designed to encourage, inspire, and help any and all that read it.
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3 Responses to A World Away: A Brother In Our Hearts

  1. Suzanne Clement says:

    I too am feeling a burden for Brother Wilson and the work he is doing. I see your post is from 2011 and it is now 2015. It appears that this ministry still struggles. Did you visit Kenya?. Where do you stand with this now? Did this Foundation get off the ground? God has grabbed me by the scruff of the neck on this..

    • Brad Clarke says:

      I did visit Kenya in the summer of 2012. Wilson is a true brother in Christ. Unfortunately the foundation has not been able to get off the ground because of funding. In order for us to be able to set up a true 501c3 non-profit foundation, all of their documents with their government must be in complete order, which cost money. And with the lack of funding, that has not been able to be done. But I have walked the streets there and have seen first hand the dire need they face.

      There are still ways to help Wilson and the ministry he is doing there, but it has to be through private donations directly to him. Without the 501c3 in our corner, money can’t be rendered through me. If you are wanting to help, I can put you in touch with Wilson and give you his contract information as well as the instructions on how to send the money. I hope this helps.


      • I have been in touch with Wilson in much the same way as you describe. I feel the burden you describe for those beautiful children. I do send small amounts, but am not able to do enough on my own. I have prayed that through sharing at my church, etc, the vision will be caught by others. We can all continue to pray for them and do what we can. I wrote to World Vision to see if they could send someone to evaluate the ministry. It seems like that sort of agency would be able to help with enabling them to raise food or something as well as to fund the children through adopt a child programs.

        my email is suzanneclement@bellsouth.net. So sorry–I just now found this ( 6 months later) but that you so much for your reply

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