Letting God Out of the Box

How often do we limit or even try to control what God can or can not do?  How often do our prayers go up, only to be brought right back down from hitting the ceiling?

Too many times as Christians we try to control God, simply because we don’t have enough faith.  We limit the Creator of the universe, the Creator of everything, because “we” don’t believe.  God can do all things.  Just take a quick look around you.  The mere fact that you are breathing and reading this should be enough proof, but for those of you who are stubborn like me, examine this.  Why aren’t you flying off into space right now?  Why is our plant the only planet that contains life?  Why does the ocean not spill over the continents when it rotates on an axis?  Why, because God is it’s creator!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ~ Genesis 1:1

We as human beings, put God into a box.  For some it is a bigger box than for others, but we all do it.  We put the Creator of all things into our little box and truly believe and limit what He can and can not do, or will and will not do.  He has tried to tells us, that as Christians, we have all the power in the world to do anything.  Not by our own accord, but through the Holy Spirit.  He tells us that all it takes is the faith of a mustard seed, and we can move mountains.  A MUSTARD SEED!  Do you really believe that?  How about the fact that His Word tells us that we can do all things through Christ that gives us strength?

We have just enough faith to believe that His Blood can cover our sins.  But that is where it should begin, not end.  We need to embrace the Word of God as Truth and for the Absolute Truth.  We should build upon the faith that allows us to enter the gates of Heaven.  We should build upon the foundation of that faith and believe that all things are possible.  Why don’t we?  Is it that we are afraid people will think we are freaks?  Is it that we want control of the life that is not even really ours?  Our lives here on earth are meant for two purposes.  One, to Glorify our Creator and two, to spread the Good News and help build the Kingdom of Heaven.

You might be saying what does all this have to do with Letting God Out of the Box?   Here is your answer.  We put God in our box in every aspect of our lives.  You can say you don’t, but if you are honest, you know you do.  We don’t truly believe what His Word says.  If so, there would be no reason to ever be afraid to share our faith.  We would be screaming it from the mountain tops, “Look at what God did for me!”  Our boxes hinder every aspect of our lives.  We pray half-hearted prayers, with our foot half in the area of belief and the other in the “there is no way that could happen” area.  So how do we let God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, out of our box?

We must first take a good hard look into ourselves, and realize we can not do anything without Him.  We must then believe that all things are possible in and through Him.  Then we must realize that the doubt we experience comes from the enemy, who wants nothing more than for you to believe God has limits.  When we limit or put God into our belief box, we are giving into the lies of the enemy.  We must reprogram our brains to say, ” I know that God can do all things, and I believe”.  We must start proclaiming the true greatness of our Creator.  We must let Him roam freely in our lives and watch in amazement at the wonders He can and will do for us. We must then realize that God works His wonders in our lives according to His perfect Will for us and not the other way around.


Do you want miracles in your life?  Do you want freedom and power that you never imagined possible?  Do you want the enemy bonded, instead of you being bonded?  Then I urge you, take the tape off, open your box, and let God out!  The next time you start doubting, or throw up a half-hearted prayer, rebuke that lie and proclaim that the Creator of this universe is more powerful than anything.  He can and will do amazing things in and for us, but we must first let Him and stop hindering Him.


About Brad Clarke

The Christian journey takes us through many different areas in life. Our Walk with Jesus, is exactly that and is designed to encourage, inspire, and help any and all that read it.
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3 Responses to Letting God Out of the Box

  1. Wayne says:

    We All need to take your challenge seriously and accept it as our own from God. For myself, I keep trying to close the box and sit on it, and getting up when I was ready. Of course, that never worked.
    Finally the Holy Spirit fell on me and won’t let me go. I keep trying to, but He keeps dragging me to Him and into the safety of His arms. I thank Him every day for keeping me forever out of the grasp of Satan.
    Thanks for the reminders.

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  3. yolanda faulk says:

    i myself have put limits on God and what he can do, i allowed the enemy to come in and cause me to doubt what God can do for me knowing that he has all power in his hands, i still doubted his power thinking their was no way he would do this or that for me .I never let my prayers reach God before i had snatched them back with doubt, but how dare we as Christians limit a God that has only to speak a word and it is done a God that formed the world in 7 days , a God that is all seeing and all knowing, their is nothing to hard for MY God if we put his word in our hearts and trust in him with our whole heart then nothing will be impossible for us in Christ, but outside of him we can do nor have nothing all God things come from God so lets take the brakes of , it is time to take God out of the box saints

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