The Tragedy of Shame

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The tragedy of shame is not the action or deed for which we are shameful of.  The tragedy of shame is not unveiling it.

I want to paint you a picture in words.  Most marriages are not arranged anymore.  However, imagine if you will, a bride and groom getting married without ever seeing or meeting each other.  Up until the actual ceremony, the two would not even know what each other looked like, leaving a great mystery.  Now, time for the moment… the groom standing at the alter waiting on the arrival of his beautiful bride.  A glamorous white dress enters the room, the veil covering the beauty that lies beneath.  She finally arrives at the alter and is given away by her father, but instead of the veil being lifted for her groom to see, it is left down, hiding what lies beneath.  Everybody in the room can see the beauty that is surrounding her on the outside, but nobody, including her groom can see the beauty that is on the inside.  Only her father knows that beauty.  The ceremony continues, and because of the shame of the bride, she hides even for the ceremonial kiss.

You see the tragedy of shame is the same thing.  Everyone sees the beauty of who you are on the outside, but because of the lies of Satan, that shame keeps us locked under our veil, leaving only our Father to know what beauty lies underneath.  Shame is a powerful weapon of the enemy, and he loves for you to think and more importantly, feel like nobody will see the beauty underneath, only the scars of our past.  Shame is a crippling, paralizing effect, of an action.  You need to hear this very important FACT… We are all sinners, who have fallen short of the Glory of God.  Not one person, on this planet has ever or will ever, walk a perfect life.  The only one who did and could have is Jesus Christ, the One and only Son of God.  He came to this earth, born of a virgin, not just to teach, heal, and stir up the religious views on God, but to bare your sins and my on the Cross.  Nailed to a tree, breathing His last breathe, He cried out “It is Finished!”

“It is Finished!” What is “It”?  It, is our sins.  The past, present and future sins of yours and mine.  You see the true tragedy of shame is this, by hiding under the veil because of our shame, we withhold the Love, the Grace and the Mercy that Jesus poured out on the cross for us.  By hiding, we don’t let others see the marvelous compassion and love He has for us.  Hidden under that veil, is a beautiful workmanship of our creator.  The unveiling of our shame that lies beneath, allows others to see the true beauty of what the Cross represents… A New Creation.  You see, by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are just that… A New Creation.  He poured out His precious blood for your shame, pains, hurts and every other burden and sin,  to be cleansed and made new.  The power to break the chains of the lies and deceit, lies within you… Jesus is crying out to you… BREAK FREE, BREAK FREE… YOU ARE MY BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS CHILD… I LOVE YOU… BREAK FREE.. ALLOW OTHERS TO SEE MY LOVE, MY GRACE AND MY MERCY THROUGH YOU.  BREAK FREE! I DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU!  I PAID FOR YOU IN FULL… BREAK FREE!

Satan is the father of all the lies we hear in our heads… you know the ones I am talking about, “you’re not good enough, you’re not educated, you’re not pretty, you’re not, you can’t….” every single one of them is a lie straight from the pits of hell!  The price has been paid in full, by the blood Jesus Christ!  Satan can no longer touch you, he can only deceive you and lie to you… and he will continue to, if YOU let him….

Challenge: BREAK FREE, BREAK FREE… I know what shame can do… I know what power it can hold, but it is all lies.  So my challenge and prayer for you, is to right now, stand up and proclaim your VICTORY IN JESUS CHRIST and BREAK FREE.

Prayer: Father, I have been hiding under my veil for far too long.  I know you have created me to be a beautiful creation and I know your death on the cross paid the Full price for me.  I ask for your forgiveness for hiding under my veil and being shameful.  I give you full reign over me and my life.  Use my shame for your glory and allow others to see your love, your grace and your mercy that you have shown in me.  Amen!

Link for helpful scriptures to see God’s Promises for Shame.  You can find our helpful resources on the top home page of this blog.


About Brad Clarke

The Christian journey takes us through many different areas in life. Our Walk with Jesus, is exactly that and is designed to encourage, inspire, and help any and all that read it.
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7 Responses to The Tragedy of Shame

  1. Nan Hart says:

    Thank you Bradley, this was something I definately needed to hear!

  2. Kathy says:


    I think you really nailed what happens when we carry shame with us. Everyone has sinned and has made poor choices or decisions. One think I talked about in my book was to “own” your 15 minutes of Shame and then move on. I think once we do, we can free ourselves from trying to think God and others will never know because we have carried our shame under our veil.
    The post was very touching.

  3. David Takle says:

    Thank you Brad. We need more teaching on the scourge of shame and self-hate among Christians. I have spent years recovering from raging self-hate and its many effects. And I can say from experience now that self-hate is entirely rooted in lies. As true as it might feel, nothing about it is based on truth. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. No matter how good our theology is, we are all shot through with lies due to life in a fallen world. Unfortunately, very few places know how to help us engage with God in ways that can really heal those false beliefs we hold onto so tight. In addition to Brad’s resources, I would recommend checking out Blessings.

  4. Katherine Kripke says:

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